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04/15/15 08:19 PM #4    

Lois Dybala (Morea)

We recently learned that Lisa Wedin Osborn was listed as a surviving daughter of Shirlee Fagan Wedin in a 2014 Houston Chronicle obituary.  We regret that Lisa was previously posted on the Westbury 79 webpage as deceased.  We appreciate information, clarifications, and corrections provided by our classmates.

06/15/16 10:43 PM #5    

Mary Hines (Patton)

Yea for get together August 6th!  ;-)Mary

06/18/16 07:22 AM #6    

Victor Andrews

I have a vacation trip planned for August 6th weekend, but will pass the information on.  

08/06/18 10:45 AM #7    


Genette Dodson (Stanton)

Thought it would be fun for the Westbury Class of 1979 to cruise together in celebration of 40 years since our graduation. This is in addition to (not replacing) our 40th reunion activities. The cruise will be on the Liberty of the Seas, sailing out of Galveston on February 24, 2019. All class of 1979, their spouses, friends and family are welcome. We currently have 24 people going and room for more. Jim “my husband” Stanton has space reserved as a Group with Royal Caribbean. Please contact him at 713-449-8041 or to book and receive special pricing, commission rebates, and additional on-board amenities including, exclusive to our group, on-board cocktail party.
Look forward to seeing everyone,
Genette Dodson Stanton

08/07/18 02:54 PM #8    

Thomas (Tom) Boyce

Regarding the email that Christine sent, I recommend sometime in the Summer of 2019. I think it will be easier for a larger number of people to travel to the Houston area during that time of year. But earlier in the Summer might provide better weather. People should also consider the February cruise that Genette set up as an option in addition to the Summer Houston get together. Hope to see you all then. Cheers Tom.

08/08/18 01:48 PM #9    

Diana Owen (Keim)

Is anyone else having trouble reading the "announcements" section on the home page, or am I the only one with OLD PERSON EYES?? Black type on bright blue background just looks like a big blue square to me! :)

08/09/18 07:10 AM #10    

Christine Littlejohn (Hale-Hagle)

Not sure why that came out that way but I re-sent Genette's post.  It was the one about the cruise.

08/30/18 06:50 PM #11    


Tricia Holder (Wyman)

It is not "old lady eyes"...there is nothing legible in "announcments" on any of my computers either...with my Granny Specticles on!

08/31/18 06:49 AM #12    

Christine Littlejohn (Hale-Hagle)

I just changed the background color to white so it should be legible now.  The background color selected was blue with the black lettering so it was difficult to read.

03/13/19 01:53 PM #13    

Julia Mitchell (Lewis)

Is a 40th year reunion planned?  If yes, when?  If I am available I will drag Robert Lewis along.  Like usual.  LOL

btw I used to be Julia Mitchell

05/08/19 11:56 AM #14    


Tricia Holder (Wyman)

Yea!! So ready for a party...I have almost survived another long crazy year as a high school teacher and 'Mother of Dingbats', so really looking forward to some quality time with the always loving and encouraging Class of 79.

06/13/19 10:20 PM #15    

Christine Littlejohn (Hale-Hagle)

Hi Julia!  Yes, we have a reunion planned for July 27, 2019 at Minute Maid Park 7-11 pm.  If you will click on 40th Reunion on the left hand column, you will be able to register.

06/19/19 04:37 PM #16    


Janice Rosenblum (Condara)

Any chance we can get more details about the reunion evening?  Excited to see everyone! 

06/19/19 05:14 PM #17    

Christine Littlejohn (Hale-Hagle)

Hi Janice,

What do you need to know?  We are having food, a DJ, photo booth and we'll be on the 2nd floor of Minute Maid by Torchy's Tacos with plenty of room to mingle.  I found from our 30th reunion that most people just want to be able to visit and catch-up with everyone.  I think it will be a great venue and a lot of fun for everyone.



06/20/19 02:43 PM #18    


Wade Abbott

All sounds great Christine

Thanks for coordinating it all.

06/20/19 03:22 PM #19    

Julia (Julie) Cruse (Hohle)

Thank you so much Chrissy and Leon, this was so much work and I really appreciate it.  Looking forward to seeing everyone!

06/21/19 01:26 PM #20    


Janice Rosenblum (Condara)

Thanks Chrissy and Leon, and I does sound like the perfect venue! Will definitely be lots of fun, as was our 30th! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

06/22/19 11:51 AM #21    

James Chambers

The Stones rescheduled date is the same day as the reunion. Dangit.

06/22/19 12:33 PM #22    


Genette Dodson (Stanton)

Thank you so much, Chrissy and Leon, for all your hard work to put this together. It will be a wonderful reunion! Wish I could be there with you guys!!!!

06/24/19 05:53 PM #23    

Lois Dybala (Morea)

40th Reunion Details

I called Minute Maid Park and got some additional information about our fabulous upcoming class reunion.  I wanted to share it with anyone who, like me, might be unfamiliar with the venue.  I was told our event would be in the Champions Pavilion, located just above center field on the Mezzanine Level of the ballpark, near Section 156.  We should use the Right Field Gate to enter, which is located at Hamilton St. and Preston St..  Guest Services will direct us to elevators or escalators on the main concourse and then on to Champions Pavilion. The Pavilion area is partially climate-controlled and partially open-air.  I was told that parking would be free.

This is gonna be great!  Hope you'll be there!  Thank you, Chrissy and Leon for making it happen!  ~ Lois

07/23/19 11:48 AM #24    


Nancy Knox (Finney)

Lois, thanks for the clarity.  This will be so much fun! Alan and I look forward to seeing you and Chip!

07/24/19 10:28 AM #25    


Arlis Lerner (Brodie)

I'm so disappointed to miss the reunion!! We have had Rolling Stones tickets since December. Hope to attend the next one! 

07/28/19 04:29 PM #26    

Julia Mitchell (Lewis)

I wanted to thank everyone who worked to make the 40th reunion a success.  You did a great job.  We enjoyed ourselves and it was nice to reconnect to some old friends.

07/29/19 06:28 PM #27    

Laurie Boutte (Simino)

Thank you for a great time. I missed seeing quite a few people. Either that or my memory has finally failed. Sorry I missed Yvonne Breaux, Tina Senf, Maryalice Irwin,and many more!I hope to see everyone at our 50th!
(Gawd) Much love, Laurie Boutte Simino

07/31/19 05:30 AM #28    


Genette Dodson (Stanton)

Hi Westbury Rebels,

Missed seeing everybody at the reunion. I see a lot of interest in the 2021 60th Birthday cruise. We have 10 cabins already booked and another 14 still available at special pricing and perks. Take a look at the flyer below and contact my husband, Jim Stanton, at for more info and to get signed up as part of the group!



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